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The site presents the author's development as a well-known and new logic games. Intellectual challenge of game got erotic motivation to find a solution.

AI versus IQ. The main principle of most of SweetGames is a direct confrontation with computer opponents in equal playing conditions.

Thousands of erotic opponents waiting for you!

Latest news

  • Create opponents for FreeSweetGames games yourself using Constructor.
  • Experience the boundless greed of space prospectors to the a new Kaledoscope.
  • The new version x.x.40 is not compatible with previous. Before installing, remove the old version FreeSweetGames.
    Some new features - streamlined tab folder structure, improved indexing of files, added installation of games under limited user account in the operating systems XP, Vista, 7.

  • New puzzle: place a Magneton in a free position and it will attract all objects on a vertical and horizontal lines.
  • The first version of the Domino. The game is made in traditional style with three opponents simultaneously.
  • The version x.x.12 is available. The size of a opponent's window is corrected at 120 DPI. Indexation of opponents in the game's folders for acceleration of first loading is added. Instead of some old formats of opponents the perspective new formats are included.
  • The new version of games x.x.10 is entered:
    the opponent's window is completely separated from main game's form, accordingly, in some games restriction of the screen resolution is removed, and also use of the non-standard sizes of a opponent's photo is accessible;
    the built-in groups of opponents is removed. There is a division on the folders only;
    the size of a new opponent's photo up to 700 points on a vertical increases.
  • The long and the short backgammon modes is added to the new version of the Backgammon.
  • Saving opponent's state is added to the Kaleidoscope, Fragments, Sea Battle. In the Deactivator option of switching-off of random explosions of a reactor is appeared.
  • Uploaded the first version of the Backgammon. So far, only one kind of game - long backgammon.
  • Added game's mode for the allotted number of attempts in the Pairs Parade.
  • In the Durak display of cards is corrected at DPI the screen distinct from 96.
  • The first version of the game Tankdrome available for download.
  • Appeared in the Durak definition of repetitive moves from the two players. Added uploading selfmade card's sets to the game.
  • In the Sclezanka added three new game's areas.
  • Increased frequency timer in the Pentafall, that caused errors in the display units. Weakened computer play in the 'Duel' mode in the start levels.
  • In the game Shashki added different starting positions>, canceling the last move, auto-saving. Reformulated opponent's AI - simplified at the first level. A time dependence of the level of progress.
  • Updated MiniChess. Significantly weakened computer plays in the first levels. Added the possibility of canceling the last move. Added autosaving opponent's state on exit.
  • Fixed the bug with second's buffer overflow in the game Pairs Parade. Added file with a new pair set Contrast.