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Screenshot of the erotic Extinguisher

Screenshot of the adult Extinguisher

The game EXTINGUISHER version 1.1.51

Opposition of light and dark forces in pursuit of energy chaos.

A patch of the field is filled with random power pieces of different types. Controlling extinguisher, collect progressive amount of the light force, overtaking the dark side.

The player can move his extinguisher on one of the pieces arranged in a horizontal or vertical direction. Points are awarded for each extinguished piece. The more extinguished pieces of the same color in a row, the more points the player will receive for the next one.

Some levels have the activating storages. Energy of the extinguished pieces charges storage. It, in turn, can restore a piece into the empty cell.

Pieces on the field may have additional bonuses:

  • Additional move - the player continues to move, reaching the bonus.
  • Diagonal directions - in the next turn extinguisher may move in diagonal directions.

The game ends when the players do not have any moves. The winner is determined by the score.