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Screenshot of the logic Jockey

Screenshot of the erotic Jockey

The game JOCKEY version 1.0.51

Collect medals scattered on the field by controlling the restive steed.

Jockey gets a move and can make chess knight jump in any direction. If he captured a medal or cup, it brings the right to repeat move. Also, you can complete the course early.

For each medal is given a certain number of points. Continuous sequence of captures, without intermediate moves, accumulates the previous points. Also, the same color medals brings extra points.

  • Simple medal - gives +1 point.
  • Starry medal - gives +10 points.
  • Extra medal - gives +1 point and an additional move.
  • Abundant medal - gives +1 point and new medals on the field.

In addition to medals bonus cups may appear on the field. Capture gives +5 points and the bonus icon is added to the jockey panel. Accumulation and using of bonuses allowed at any time, without restrictions.

The winner of the jockeys who gets more points at the end of the contest.