Logical adult games

Screenshot of the erotic Pentafall

Screenshot of the logic Pentafall

The game PENTAFALL version 3.0.51

The rivalry of shamans for energy of the altar of the Fallen.

Each year, the shamans of many Octopon tribes gather in a mysterious cave. This forbidden to ordinary mortals place is great altar of the Fallen. Altar charges empty wands, turning ore into energy. However the power of the altar is reduced faster than the shamans eager to get it. Therefore, the shamans come into confrontation with each other, determining the best. Those who will dominate in the coming year.

During his turn a shaman must be placed on the surface of the altar falling pentamino. Pentamino consists of pieces of ore. Pieces of one color, connected parties, form a group. If the group size reaches the minimum required size, then by shaking the ore turned into energy. To shake the shaman must select the crystal at the bottom of the altar and, thereby, to complete the turn.

Some game features:

  •  identical pentamino stacks of opponents;
  •  the erasing runes to help clear the place, dissolving the ore;
  •  computer play at full strength at the central level only.