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Screenshot of the erotic Pontoon

Screenshot of the adult Pontoon

The card PONTOON version 1.1.51

Casino card game for 2 - 6 players based on the blackjack.

Dealing out begins with the obligatory entrance fee. If the player does not have money for entrance fee and minimal bet he misses game. A complete 2-card hand is dealt to everyone. Right of first turn goes in a circle with each new deal. Each player in turn may request another card from the deck (no more than 5) or to stay there. Once all players have made moves, the cards are opened and compared to points earned.

To win it is necessary to collect the most points among the other players, but not more than 21.

Some game features:

  •  available 36-card and 52-card decks
  •  two modes of scoring for the pictures (10 or 2-3-4)
  •  ace of points may be variable (11 or 1)
  •  possible use of hole cards
  •  there is support for the strongest combinations (golden pontoon)

Additional card packs (save files to the game folder)

Russian deck |  Eronations |  Template of pack