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Screenshot of the erotic Crossnull

Screenshot of the logic Crossnull

The logic game CROSSNULL version 3.0.51

What is invaluable secret humanoid brain?

The answer to this question will help the neuroids - a artificial cell's invader. Neuroids come in two basic types - crosses and zeros. Each type uses a method of functioning is incompatible with the other. Neuroids within a species are divided into families, which differ in the color of the shell.

Initially, a brain matrix contains a number of different types of neuroids that are listed at random. The operator selects controled type and the opponent gets the other. The winner is the one who will create the dominant neuroid's network.

For implantation in the brain neuroid should be charged with energy. To do this, the control panel each turn receives a charge, which is automatically distributed among the available objects. The operator sets a charged neuroid to the empty cell of the brain matrix, thereby increasing the network.

The operation ends when the brain is full.