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Screenshot of the erotic Poker

Screenshot of the adult Poker

The card POKER version 1.1.51

Collect the best poker combination.

This poker variant is for two - six players. The game object is to win the pot, having collected the best poker combination of cards, than other players. Or oust opponents from the game by bets.

Dealing out begins with the obligatory entrance fee. If the player does not have money for entrance fee and minimal bet he misses game. A complete 5-card hand is dealt to everyone. Each player in turn must either match the maximum previous bet or fold (black chip), losing the amount bet so far and all further interest in the hand. The size of the maximal bet is limited by a minimum of money at one of playing.

At a following stage players are allowed to attempt to change their hand (with the object of improving it) by discarding unwanted cards and being dealt new ones. After changing, there is a final betting among opponets. The betting round ends when all players have either matched the last bet or folded.

At the end of the betting, if more than one player remains, there is a showdown, in which the players reveal their previously hidden cards and evaluate their hands. The player with the best hand according to the poker variant being played wins the pot.

Additional card packs (save files to the game folder)

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