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Screenshot of the erotic game Magneton

Screenshot of the logic game Magneton

The logic game MAGNETON version 3.0.51

Mysterious ritual at the temple of the powerful Oracle.

Since ancient times vellars living in the forests of the valley worship the mighty and mysterious Oracle. At the beginning of each cycle of leap most worthy representatives of the neighboring clans gather in the temple. Oracle defines new priests conducting the ritual meal.

Multicolored capsids are ritual dish. During a turn a player may move them use magneton, have different effects depending on its type. Upon completion of the player consumes the biggest chunk, which consists of identical capsids grouped together. The winner is the one who first absorb a lot of the capsid, created by Oracle.

  •  Pushing magneton - groups capsids in each direction.
  •  Compressive magneton - removes extreme capsid all other colors and groups alike.
  •  Extrusive magneton - extreme capsid creates new ones of the same color and other groups.

Only the most smart and savvy vellar can bypass all opponents and become the new priest.