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Installing FreeSweetGames version x.x.40

The default install setting does not change any system data. Therefore, installation is possible under a limited user account of the operating system Windows (XP, Vista, 7). All the game settings and opponents are also stored only in the current user profile.

Opponent installing

Opponent info

In the title bar of the opponent window displays the name of a opponen file, number of the current photo, the number of open photo and total number of photos (eg, 1-4/8). If for some reason, the opponent file has gone bad, then the total number of photos is 1.

In the FreeSweetGames, each opponent is placed on a specific tab. Game tab name corresponds to the same folder name, but with the tab prefix. Access to tab folders available via the path Start -> Programs -> FreeSweetGames -> Opponent folder. Here you can create your own tab folders and place opponents.

A problem with opponent?

Download the file (*.sgdt) again. Sometimes it downloaded failed.

To install a new rival download from the site of a opponent file (extension .sgdt, eg, 6550076.sgdt). Save it to a folder with the tab prefix (for example, tabNew). Start the game, the opponent will appear on the appropriate tab in descending order of number of his file in the folder.

As the tab folders and the main opponent folder may be represented by shortcuts of the appropriate resources.

To speed up the loading of each tab folder is file indexing. Unchanged loaded folders instantly and folders with modified files are scanned again. For optimum performance of indexing and caching is not placed in the same folder more than 1000 opponent files.