Logical adult games

Screenshot of the erotic Halma

Screenshot of the adult Halma

The game HALMA version 3.0.51

Greek jumps are in rectangular Ugolki and diagonal Halma.

For two players used board with 8 x 8 cells. For four players board is increased to 100 cells.

The players act in turn. During his turn a player may move one of the pieces. One move to an empty cell - place the piece in an empty adjacent cell. One or more jumps over adjacent pieces. An adjacent piece of any colour can be jumped if there is an adjacent empty cell on the directly opposite side of that piece.

Depending on the selection rules are different starting positions and direction of movement.

  • Halma - you can move to a vertical, a horizontal or a diagonal directions.
  • Ugolki - you can move to a vertical and a horizontal directions only.

The winner is the player who first gets all his pieces to house, located in the opposite corner of the board. Check the end of the game takes place only after the next moves will be completed by each player. It reduces the advantage of the player with the first move right.