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Screenshot of the erotic Kaleidoscope

Screenshot of the logic Kaleidoscope

The game KALEIDOSCOPE version 3.1.51

Irrepressible greed of space prospectors.

Space prospectors got an unexpected surprise in the asteroid belt the star system Alpha. In some asteroids are especially rich in heavy elements were found megalithic mechanisms, called kaleidoscope. They independently mined from the depths and formed blocks of cleaned elements on its surface.

No wonder these valuable artifacts are coveted goal. Contending prospectors to determine the future owner of Kaleidoscope by skill to better manage it.

Ore reaches the surface Kaleidoscope as separate blocks within a few pipes. In front of each tube are stops that limit the output of ore. Position of stops can be adjusted by control gearwheels. In addition any block on the surface can be destroyed by the cannon.

Prospectors are connected to the Kaleidoscope and manage incoming ore by turns. The largest assembled group of blocks of one element is sent through a converter to the starship's store. Prospector, the first filled up store, wins and takes the Kaleidoscope.