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Screenshot of the erotic Sclezanka

Screenshot of the logic Sclezanka

The game SCLEZANKA version 3.0.51

Collision, reflection and destruction of the frozen teardrops of the god.

According to local legend, the sclezankas are frozen tears of the god, who likes to cry over the fate of mankind. But in the world of eternal ice-bound teardrops do not dry out and take the crystal form, keeping the pain and suffering. Therefore the Sclezanka tournament takes place on a regular basis to get rid of such a negative gift. In addition to the honor and respect, competition winner is granted God's joy and grace.

Each player in turn, strikes up the first failure. if any sclezanka of the opponent has not destroyed after strike or player sclezanka destroyed, the opponent has got a turn. At the beginning of the contest the first player can choose color, striking one of the sclezankas.

  • Fragmentation. The deep shaft with a diameter larger than the size of any sclezanka, drilled on the field. The sclezanka, got into it, falling from a great height, and is broken into innumerable fragments.
  • Evaporation. There is a phase crystal on the field. Collision with it results to the release of energy and evaporates all of the next sclezankas. However, the crystal is not destroyed. In the altered state of aggregation it is transferred to another place, where once again crystallizes in the original form.