Logical adult games

Screenshot of the erotic Mosaic

Screenshot of the logic Mosaic

The logic game MOSAIC version 4.0.51

The harvest from the tree of life.

Each year, governors from all the continents arrive to the Eternal Forest, to replenish their populations, gathering the harvest. Because a long time bodies of local natives assemble on the conveyor, and to revive steel mechanisms use the fruits of the tree of life.

The Eternal Forest does not belong to anyone, but only the owner takes the whole crop from the branded tree. The governor must win over the opponent to prove the the right to place a mark.

At the area of the tree of life are ripe fruit and mounted capture for the harvest. By turns opponents are connected to the capture and dragged fruits to ship. Nearby fruits of the same color are linked. Grab one, you can drag the whole group.

Using the stored energy, the player can move individual fruits on the area. The more there is connected neighbors fruit, the greater the cost of its separation and moving.

With the accumulation of energy activated mutators. Mutator can change the color fruit to its own color once.