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Screenshot of the logic Pairs Parade

Screenshot of the erotic Pairs Parade

The game PAIRS PARADE version 3.0.51

Format the informals!

Many representatives of the informal subcultures have arrived to take part in a grand parade. Best of the managers began to organize their procession. After all, what better way than the slender ranks of beatniks, neatly grouped by subcultures.

Managers placed the key points of the capture above the crowd. As soon as the first and last points are closed on the same beatnyks, the capture will teleport the entire group of this type of beatnyk to the parade. The manager gets points for each beatnik of the teleported group.

Beatniks displacement become available after the charge is accumulated:

  • Shift - beatnik can be shifted to one direction.
  • Rip out - beatnik can be moved to any free place.

Some of the beatniks can show VIP card. The manager receives a double reward, teleporting VIP group. Displacement the VIPs across the area is prohibited.

The game ends when there are no pairs or each manager loses his turn. The winner is determined by the score.